our philosophy

Exceptional quality, exceptional value, exceptional service.

At Cococucine, we feel that many well known brand designer kitchens are vastly overpriced. As with many other designer products, well known companies demand high prices simply to support substantial marketing budgets and prime location premises. Whilst we realise that some people will demand the designer label, we cater for those people who would prefer the same high quality kitchen, at a more acceptable price.

Cococucine aims to provide you with a first-class, top quality Italian designer kitchen combined with a seamless client experience; from design and specification, through to installation and handover. And we aim to do all this at a price which will compare favourably to any other company marketing kitchens of similar or equal quality.

We have a pedigree stretching back more than twelve years and our kitchen designers have a combined experience totalling more than fifty years. We are therefore well versed in providing appropriate designs and delivering top quality, designer kitchens.

The company works directly with you, or with your architects, builders and other professionals, to provide you with the ultimate kitchen for contemporary urban living.